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Vollie News – Issue #5

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Kia Ora,

Winter is here and it seems almost like we’ve been in enforced hibernation for March April and most of May with the CO-Vid 19 pandemic. Been through levels 3 to 4 and back down the scale to 3 2 and now 1; it’s been a bit like a roller coaster. Light at the end of the tunnel though and well done, each and every New Zealander, for doing the best they possibly can through the lockdown and continuing on for a while longer. Continue reading

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What’s up DOC? July 2020

Parenting 101 with our rarest bird
With a population of 40, every fairy tern/tara iti egg and chick counts. So every summer, a small team of dedicated rangers and volunteers go into full alert at the slightest hint of a summer storm, or king tide, in order to protect our most endangered bird.
Recently, the team saved one chick from certain death, taking on the role of both Mum and Dad to help the chick survive. From emulating an environment where the chick could learn to hunt and be independent, to becoming portable field brooders sharing body heat to warm the chick up!
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FMC Newsletter July 2020

2020 FMC Expedition Scholarship applications are open

FMC is proud to offer Youth Expedition Scholarships for the 10th year running, and the Simon Bell Memorial Scholarship for the 5th consecutive year.

For information on how to apply, and to check your eligibility criteria, see

For any queries, e-mail our executive officer at
Applications close at 5pm on Friday 18 September 2020. Continue reading

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