Te Matawai hut gets spruce up

A team of six lead by GWBN member Emma Gregg flew into Te Matawai hut on 21 February to give the hut a long overdue facelift. other team mebers were Hazel Gregg, Andrew Gibb, Anold Julian, Fletcher Klocek-Sawtell and Dale Burrell.

Te Matawawai hut is on the Te Aroa Trail, and gets a lot of use during the summer. During the teams stay there was a steady stream of TA walkers passing through.

Over 4 days, the team the team cleaned the exterior corrugated iron walks, including including 30 Seconds spray, scrub, scraping and sanding prep for paint paint. The Windows inside and out including prep and masking. Installed a man hole. Replaced front door handle. Repaired three window latches. Roof, cleaned and repaint. Cleaning of all clear light. Scrubbed outside of water tanks. Repaired water tap until it can be replaced. Cleaned all 18 sleeping mats. Gave the toilet a super big scrub. Cut away and cleared  undergrowth from around the hut and along tracks. Cleaned all signs. Removed all rubbish. Repaired bench seat where the supports had been used for firewood. Cleaned woodshed. Gave inside floor and surfaces a good clean. Cleared gutters.

Above after and below before a change of colour.

The whole job took three 11-12 hour days, and couple half days (rain). What was dissapointing, was to see the damage done to this hut. (buring bench supports)

The work was funded by the Greater Wellington Backcountry Network. The GWBN recieve an annual funding grant from DOC wairarapa, to help with the maintenance of huts and tracks in the local forest parks.

Great work done by Emma and team of volunteers to get this popular hut back to a good standard

Above – The team arriving via Amalgamated Helicopters Ltd

The hut has 54 window grills that needed masking tape (inside and out = 108)


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