Taunui hut

Taunui hut is located in the Aorangi Forest Park and is managed by the Porirua branch of NZDA who have a management agreement with DOC for the upkeep of the hut.

An S70 type, built by Paul Gush, NZFS in 1966. Members of the NZDA Porirua have been slowly undertaking remedial work on the hut during 2021, including replacing the floor in front of the fire which had collapsed. January, 2022, saw Graeme Blanchard & 4 other volunteers paint the interior & exterior of the hut, as well as scrub-bar around the hut. The has been returned to its original NZFS colour scheme. Future areas needing work includes the chimney, window & floor in the front alcove.

Above – Taunui hut after renovations by the Porirua NZDA members

A newly built Taunui hut 1967