The GWBN is an Incorporated Society and is also a registered charity.

Membership of the GWBN is free and members may stand for election to committee positions, and/or may nominate and vote in  elections for the committee. There are opportunities to participate in volunteer work on huts and/or tracks and support other aims of the GWBN.

The GWBN is managed by a committee. Members appointed for the 2022-2023 year are;

This committee was elected at the (final) AGM of the TARHC. As the only “members” of the TARHC, the committee nominated and voted for positions on the new GWBN committee. Below are the officers and committee members elected.

Chair; Derrick Field

Vice Chair; Brett Gillies

Treasurer; Owen Cox

Secretary; Vacant

Committee (5)

  • Brett Gillies
  • John Taylor
  • Adrian Regnault
  • John Duggan
  • Allan McComb