Te Matawai Toilet

Relocation of the Te Matawai hut toilet finally happened this week. After searching for volunteers to do this job soon as possible, Mike Sheridan organized for Anton Marsden and Gerry Whitehouse (Photo above) to join him on sorting out the urgently needed task.

The toilet had become full and unusable and hut users were using the forest around the hut instead and was becoming a health hazard. After delays caused by the Cyclone and other wet weather, the team of finally got there last Monday.

A new site 20 metres down the track from the existing one was picked and a couple of long days put in digging, installing the new toilet deck, cleaning and relocating the Norski toilet, and also firewood cutting and some track clearing was completed.

Big thanks to Mike and team. Te Matawai hut has been in constant use by the many Te Araroa walkers staying at the hut, before taking on the Main Range section of the trail.

Funding of helicopter hire (by Amalgamated Helicopters Ltd) and also the construction of the new deck and materials was provided by local DOC Wairarapa.

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